• New Paintings

"Grace"    Oil/ Canvas    16x16 

LILA WIYA WASTE (Beautiful Woman) oil/canvas 20x30

Thunder Cloud 24x30 oil/canvas

New Horizon  oil/canvas 24x36

Defender   oil/canvas 18x24

Commissioned oil portrait Best of Detroit / Hour Magazine June issue 2019

Blue Blood     oil/canvas   20x28

Eyes in the Sky    oil/linen   24x36

The Man with a Hollow Chest / Commissioned book cover 

River's End   oil  20x30

On the Run.   oil 20x30

Tracks of Iron.  oil / 22x28

Long Shot   oil   20x30

Protector   oil 18x24  SOLD 

Shamisen   oil   18x24

Bourdain   Prisma Pencil 

Brush Street    oil   20x30

Sitting Bull   pencil 

Aretha   pencil.  

Japanese Teahouse   oil 14x18

Koi Pond Waterfall    oil 16x20

Little Butterflies    oil 16x20

Silver Dollar Green Tea    oil  14x18

Profile  oil 14x18. •SOLD

Cheyenne Dog Soldier    oil 18x24

Approach with Caution   oil  21x28

"Apsáalooke ll"  (Crow Warrior)  oil / canvas  20x30

"Along the River"   oil   24"x30"





Nani Ka Pua   oil on linen  24x36

Last Shot  oil on linen  16x20

"Strong Ties"  oil on linen panel   16"x20"

"September Morning"  oil canvas panel  16"x20" •SOLD

"New Moon"  oil canvas panel  20"x30" 

"Warrior's Watch"   oil canvas panel  16"x20"

"The Resistance"   oil / linen panel 24"x36"

"Descending Sun"  oil canvas panel   24"x 30"

"New Colt"  oil  14"x18"  commissioned

"Tatanka"  oil  16"x20"

"Big Cloud"  oil 24"x36"

"Butterfly"   oil   16x20



"Enchanting Encounter"   oil on linen panel   24x36

Mr. Hockey  oil on canvas panel  14x18

"Midsummer Night's Cruise"   oil on linen panel  24"x36"

"It's Tea Time!"   oil on hardwood panel   36" x 60"  SOLD

















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