• New Paintings

Sedona Bell  oil/canvas 16x20

All Downhill oil/canvas  24x36

Andy  oil/linen 16x20

Dust in the Wind  oil/linen 16x20

Last Light  oil/canvas 24x36

Red Rock Country  oil/canvas 22x28

Katie  oil/canvas  11x14

Hannie  Pencil & Wash 14x17 

Where the Buffalo Roam  oil/canvas 22x34

Outlook  o/c 16x20

Eyes on the Prize  o/c 20x30  Romeo Guild of Art Award 

High Plains  oil/canvas 24x36

On the Edge  oil/canvas  22x28

Mountain Fall  oil/canvas 24x36

Mad Dog   oil/canvas 11x14

Through the Fog of the Unknown   oil/linen 24x36

Rise and Shine  oil/canvas 11x14

Grizzly Encounter   oil/canvas 22x28

Self Portrait  oil/canvas 9x12

Fresh Start   oil/canvas 20x30

Bring em on Home  oil/birch 22x40

Of Earth and Sky   oil/birch  22x42

Highground   oil/canvas  20x34


Westbound   oil/birch  22x42

September Day  oil/canvas  11x14

Cheyenne   oil/canvas 8x10

Andy   oil/canvas  8x10

Moonlighting   oil/canvas  24x36

Beth   oil/canvas  8x10

Warm up lll oil/canvas  8x10

Yellow Hat   oil/canvas  8x10

Jess   oil/canvas 8x10

Will   oil/canvas  8x10

Pull in the Reins   oil/canvas  18x24

Spot of Gold   oil/canvas   20x30

Eyes on the Hill    oil/canvas   18x24 

Awaiting the Arrival    oil/linen  24x36

Chippewa   oil/birch  26x40

Native Woman    pencil   16x20

On the Plain    oil/birch   26x40

Shortcut   oil/birch    24x40    


Quanah    pencil   14x18

Yellow Shirt    pencil   14x18

Talking Wind   oil/canvas 24x32

'Distant Sun'  oil/18x24

Brave Heart   oil  18x24

Delivering the Goods    oil/linen   22x34

Mountain Warriors     oil/canvas    22x34

Backfire   oil/24x36

Poker Face    oil/16x20

"Chillin' Willie"   oil 18x24

"Apache Territory"    oil 24x36 

"Sara's Gold Nugget"  oil 16x20

"Autumn Rain"   oil 24x32

"Waiting"   oil 18x24

Saloon Day Afternoon    oil 18x24

Ride of Retribution    oil. 22x36

"Cowboy Coffee"   oil 18x24

Robert "Cowboy" Culbertson 

"Grace"    Oil/ Canvas    16x16 

L.Brooks Patterson 

LILA WIYA WASTE (Beautiful Woman) oil/canvas 20x30

Thunder Cloud 24x30 oil/canvas

New Horizon  oil/canvas 24x36

Defender   oil/canvas 18x24

Commissioned oil portrait Best of Detroit / Hour Magazine June issue 2019

Blue Blood     oil/canvas   20x28   *SOLD 

The Man with a Hollow Chest / Commissioned book cover 

River's End   oil  20x30

On the Run.   oil 20x30

Tracks of Iron.  oil / 22x28

Long Shot   oil   20x30

Protector   oil 18x24  SOLD 

Shamisen   oil   18x24

Bourdain   Prisma Pencil 

Brush Street    oil   20x30   Award-winner 

Sitting Bull   pencil 























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